Parent Testimonials


Sheridan Street Feedback Questionnaire - June 2017


"All staff are friendly and easy to talk to."

"I am happy about my child's time in nursery. He is always happy when I pick him up which is important to me."

"Staff are approachable, open and honest. They are friendly and welcoming staff who care."

"The nursery is excellent, nothing needs improving."

Swallowdale Road - Preschool Parent Feedback


"Alexa looks forward to going to nursery & enjoys telling me all about her day. She has developed so well thanks to all the wonderful staff."

- Chloe 1/3/17

"Thank you for taking care of my child for the past year, she loved her time with you all and has made some lovely friends with staff and children. Keep up the good work."

- Amy 21/7/17

"The best teachers and support staff any young children could ask for, very helpful in all areas. Brilliant 2 years at nursery."

- Gillian 24/7/17

Swallowdale Road - Children's Feedback


"I Love SCC and all the fun things we do at Holiday Club."

- K,  7 Years, 30/7/17

"I like going on holiday clubs trips, I cant wait to go to the Zoo!"

- T, 5 Years, 7/8/17

"SCC is cool, the foods great and we get to play football"

- D & L, 10 & 8 Years

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