Welcome to the Nursery

The Nursery is located within a purpose built Community Centre all on one level providing excellent access for wheel chair uses and for pushchairs. The Nursery offers childcare for 0-5 years and provides Free Early Years Education Funding for two, three and four year olds.  Please contact us for more information.


A maximum of 70 children can attend at any one time. We pride ourselves on maintaining high standards which is reflected in our Ofsted report.


We are fortunate to have a large Nursery garden which provides different experiences for all age groups. The garden has a soft tarmac area together with a barked area with a large mud kitchen, den area and outdoor classroom and trim trail. There is also a lovely vegetable plot which all the children enjoy growing various herbs and vegetables to enjoy in our cooking experiences and lovely meals

We also have a wonderful log cabin for children to explore and have further teaching and learning opportunities such as singing songs, quite activities or themes such as wintertime


All of the units have their own individual decked outdoor play space to access from their areas.


We plan various activities for the children such as planting flowers and seeds, and looking at nature and wildlife. The garden is a great way to allow the children to explore, have fun, be independent, make choices and learn in all areas of the curriculum.

There are often trips out (if parental permission is given) in the form of local walks or a visit to the park and using our brand new minibus on trips to the farm and many other exciting places.


The Baby Room

This room has been specifically designed to cater for the needs of our younger children. There is a large open area for children to crawl, walk and play in, as well as an area for ‘messy activities’ and for eating. We have a comfy sleep area for nap time, a kitchenette to prepare feeds and a separate nappy changing area and laundry room.


Individual attention is our main focus, and our high ratio of staff to child allows the staff to take time to tune into your child’s individual needs. This teamed with a wonderful enabling environment creates the perfect setting for children to learn, challenge them to explore and investigate.

The Toddler Room

The Toddler room is a great space catering for energetic children who are starting to develop their independence. This room enables exploration of the environment and world around them via a 'free flow' system. The room is set up in various areas of learning for children to access freely throughout the day by adult or child led learning. This room has its own changing and toilet facilities, as well as a quiet area for children to rest or look at books.


Our staff understand that all children are individuals and we cater for their needs accordingly. Staff engage with the children when setting up challenging and fun activities that teach basic manners, help them to play cooperatively and encourage them to share and take turns with others. Staff give continued positive praise to help build up the children’s self confidence.

The Preschool Room

Our Preschool room is designed to facilitate the start of the journey into becoming more independent and ready for school. As with the other rooms, the Preschool room is set out in different areas of learning which are established in the Early Years Foundation Stage. The activities are stimulating and fun, and allow children to make their own decisions.


This room is complete with its own children's bathroom which helps children build self confidence and independence. The staff encourage self care as part of the children's learning and development journey. The staff create a variety of learning and development opportunities for each child through planned, purposeful play offering a mixture of adult and child led activities.

Our Outdoor Space

We have a large outdoor space towards the rear of the nursery. The main garden includes an outdoor classroom, an allotment and a mud kitchen - a firm favourite with the children for making mud pies, mixing potions and exploring natural materials.


The children make use of the garden whenever possible, so please ensure you bring a warm coat for the winter months and a sun hat and sun cream for the summer months so everyone can enjoy outdoor play together!

Fees List
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