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Welcome to the Sheridan Street Nursery


Afshan Bashir
Nursery Manager


Salma Khan
Deputy Manager


The Nursery is situated within a purpose-built Community Centre, all conveniently located on a single level, ensuring easy accessibility for wheelchair users and parents with pushchairs. Catering to children aged 0-5 years, the Nursery provides funded places for those eligible for 15 or 30 hours of Government Funding.

Comprising three separate units designed for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, each unit has its own outdoor deck space which children can access from their unit. Additionally, the Nursery boasts a spacious garden offering diverse experiences tailored to different age groups. The garden features a soft tarmac area, a bark-covered space with a fantastic mud kitchen, den area, and trim trail. A large vegetable plot allows children to actively participate in growing various herbs and vegetables for use in cooking activities.

We offer various adult-led and child-led activities both indoors and outdoors including sand and water play, small world, dressing up and role play, painting and creative, singing and dancing to name just a few. The garden serves as an engaging space for children to independently explore, have fun, make choices, and learn across all areas of the curriculum.

In addition, the Nursery provides the opportunity for children to take part in local trips (with parental permission) to expand their learning environment and enhance their understanding of the community.


The Baby Room

This room has been specifically designed to cater for the needs of our younger children. There is a large open area for children to crawl, walk and play in, as well as an area for ‘messy activities’ and for eating. We have a comfy sleep area for nap time, a kitchenette to prepare feeds and a separate nappy changing area and laundry room. Individual attention is our main focus, and our high ratio of staff to child allows the staff to take time to tune into your child’s individual needs. This teamed with a wonderful enabling environment creates the perfect setting for children to learn, challenge them to explore and investigate.

The Toddler Room

The Toddler room is a great space catering for energetic children who are starting to develop their independence. This room enables exploration of the environment and world around them via a 'free flow' system. The room is set up in various areas of learning for children to access freely throughout the day by adult or child led learning. This room has its own changing and toilet facilities, as well as a quiet area for children to rest or look at books. Our staff understand that all children are individuals and we cater for their needs accordingly. Staff engage with the children when setting up challenging and fun activities that teach basic manners, help them to play cooperatively and encourage them to share and take turns with others. Staff give continued positive praise to help build up the children’s self confidence.

The Preschool Room

Our Preschool room is designed to facilitate the start of the journey into becoming more independent and ready for school. As with the other rooms, the Preschool room is set out in different areas of learning which are established in the Early Years Foundation Stage. The activities are stimulating and fun, and allow children to make their own decisions. This room is complete with its own children's bathroom which helps children build self confidence and independence. The staff encourage self care as part of the children's learning and development journey. The staff create a variety of learning and development opportunities for each child through planned, purposeful play offering a mixture of adult and child led activities.

Our Outdoor Space

We have a large outdoor space towards the rear of the nursery. The main garden includes an allotment, a cycle track, climbing equipment, a construction area and a mud kitchen - a firm favourite with the children for making mud pies, mixing potions and exploring natural materials. The children make use of the garden throughout all seasons, so please ensure you pack a warm coat for the winter months and a sun hat and sun cream for the summer months so everyone can enjoy outdoor play together!

Contact us
If you would like to find out more about our session availability and fees, please complete the contact form below and a member of our team will be in touch.
Sinfin Community Childcare


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